Museum History

The idea for the creation of the Christian Arts Commission Museum was the result of a great deal of love and support from many people who saw the need for a landmark vision such as this. 

It began when the Last Supper display was removed from public exhibition and put into storage many years ago. Although it had been viewed by millions of people and was recognized as an important piece of work, the funds were no longer available to keep it on permanent display. 

As a result, there arose a groundswell of interest in somehow finding a new home for this work of art. One of the people who listened to the pleas was Reverend Ed Malone. After years of receiving phone calls and requests from people all over the Fort Worth area and beyond, Rev. Malone decided to do something about it. 

And so the Christian Arts Commission was formed. Comprised of leaders and visionaries from the Fort Worth community, the Christian Arts Commission began to develop a workable plan that would help them realize their shared vision. 

First they needed to know that if they found a home for the Last Supper display, they would have permission to display it.

Reverend Malone who had been a long time friend of the Walsh family, who had purchased the display, approached Mrs. Walsh and explained the Commission's plan for creating a museum in which the display would be the central exhibit. Because of his long time friendship and the trust that the Walsh family had in him, Reverend Malone received permission to display the Last Supper work if he was able to acquire a suitable venue for it.

Leaving everything in God's hands, the Commission began to look for ways to finance the acquisition of property and construction in order to move the vision forward. It was at this point that the Central Christian Church - Disciples of Christ, who had heard of the mission, approached the Commission and asked if they would be interested in receiving a piece of property free of charge for the location of the museum. Having a piece of land donated was a godsend, but when the Commission discovered that the property was located in the Forth Worth Cultural District just moments away from the Museum of Modern Art and other important exhibitions, they knew their mission was truly being guided by a divine purpose. 

They had the exhibit, the had the land, now they only needed a museum. Enter Ken Schaumburg from the prestigious Schaumburg Architect firm. An award winning and renowned designer in the Texas region, Mr. Schaumburg offered the services of his firm to design and develop a museum that would not only blend well with the growing cultural arts scene in Fort Worth, but would provide the Commission a nexus from which they could build their dream for decades to come.

The exhibit, the land, the building. Everything had come together because of the faith of those who believed it could be done. And with God's help, the vision is moving forward.