The History of the "Last Supper" Display

The beginnings of the "Last Supper" display actually began in the 1920s as an idea in the mind of Katherine Stubergh's mother. At that time she was asked if it was possible to create a full size replication of the famous Di'Vinci painting. Through trial and error, she created the first of what was to be five displays of this magnificant piece.

The display to be housed here in the Christian Arts Museum is one of the two remaining commissions still intact in it's original form. This piece was originally commisioned in the 1950's by Forth Worth oil tycoon, William Fleming as a "gift to all Christians". The display had its debut in 1956 at the Ridglea Shopping Center in West Forth Worth where it remained until 1965. It was then displayed in the Heritage Hall until 1971 and then at the Southern Baptist Radio and Television building until 1997.

It was then returned to the Walsh Foundation which was established by the Flemming family, until such a time as a permenant home for the masterful work could be found.

The Christian Arts Commission took up the challenge in 2004 and has been deligently working to raise the funds for the construction of the Christian Arts Museum where the "Last Supper" Display can at last find a home.


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